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Sports Bras


The Best Sports Bras on Sale to Support Your Every Endeavor

Nothing is worse than feeling like the girls aren't getting the attention they deserve, so we made it real simple: sports bras that actually hold you comfortably. Every body is different but we're pretty confident you're going to find low, medium, and high impact sports bras to help you feel extra special – no matter what activity you're in. Because even if you're jet-setting across the country or hitting those burpee reps, it's important to find a fit that you feel confident in. That's why we focused our sports bra technology on features like front zips for easy on-and-off wear, wide bottom bands for extra support, and even pockets (yes, pockets!) for storage space you never thought you needed until now.

Sports Bra Sizing

Finding the best sports bras can be challenging. But that Cinderella moment of slipping on a sports bra that feels just right is worth the effort. To ensure you get the fairytale ending you deserve, start by properly sizing your sports bra. Your bra size will likely change over your lifetime. Weight changes, aging, hormone changes, pregnancy, and other life milestones can impact your breast size. But you don’t need a professional bra fitter every year. All you need is a tape measure! We put some tips together over at our Sports Bra Sizing & Measuring Guide to help you through the process.

We offer sports bras with low, medium, and high support, depending on your fitness routine of choice.

Besides the right fit, the best sports bras for you also depend on the sport or activity you’re planning on performing, as well as your cup size. As a general rule of thumb, the larger your breasts, the more support you’ll likely need to stay comfortable.

High-Impact Sports Bras

High-impact sports bras typically feature compression and built-in support in both the straps and bottom band. High-intensity and high-impact exercises like running or kickboxing might require one of these more supportive bras.

Medium-Impact Sports Bras

For medium levels of compression and a snug fit on the body, you'll want to invest in a medium-impact sports bra. It's the Goldilocks level of support that's not too compressive and not too loose for activities that involve gentle movement like pilates.

Low-Impact Sports Bras

A low-impact sports bra allows for flexibility but doesn't offer much support. This type of bra is ideal for low-intensity workouts like stretching or simply for an athleisure look.

Details, Details, Details: Sports Bra Features That Deliver Performance, Comfort, and Convenience

You need the right ingredients to put together a meal. Similarly, you'll need to find the right "ingredients" for your sports bra to get the right amount of support. But instead of oregano or thyme, the perfect recipe for your sports bra might include some of the elements we've highlighted below. Encapsulation: Encapsulation sports bras cups utilize individual cups and padding, so each breast has its own coverage and support. The regular bra you wear every day is likely a bra with encapsulation. Padded sports bras with encapsulation also offer a more natural shape. Compression: Compression bras restrict movement through – you guessed it – compression. They do not have cups. A or B cups can use compression bras for low to medium impact activities. Those with larger breasts should opt for sports bras with adjustable bands or straps for a better fit. Encapsulation and Compression Combination: A sports bra can also have both encapsulation and compression features. They offer a very high level of support and often feature adjustable components so you can get a perfect fit. Zip-Fronts: Do you get a workout trying to get your sports bra off? A zip-front sports bra offers an easy way to the bra on and off. Plus, you can unzip partway for more ventilation if you need it. Padded: To restrict the movement of your breasts during a workout, a padded sports bra can help. They work by keeping the breasts closer to your chest and the padded limits bouncing or moving. Front Closure: Front closure sports bras deliver a clean, streamlined look from the back and offer easy-on, easy-off convenience. Pockets: Perhaps one of the greatest inventions outside of avocado toast, sports bras with pockets offer serious benefits. Stash your phone, protein bar, keys, or whatever small item you don't want to carry around in your hands in your sports bra pocket.

Tackle Any Workout and Activity with the Right Sports Bra

Another consideration you'll want to take into account during your sports bra shopping is what you actually plan to do in it. For example, depending on your breast size, running might require much more support compared to participating in a yoga class. Below are some tips for making the right sports bra purchase based on activity.


Running is a high-impact activity so you'll need a sports bra to match. A combination sports bra with encapsulation and compression would offer the most support for sprints, jogs, trail runs, and anywhere else your legs can take you.


If you're sticking to smoothly paved streets on a bike, a medium-impact sports bra will limit any bouncing and movement. But if you're planning on taking on dirt trails with a mountain bike, a high-support sports bra with compression is your best bet unless you're a smaller bra size.


If you take a gentle yoga class or even hot yoga, the slow movements only necessitate a flexible bra. Low-impact or medium-impact is ideal for yoga. However, you might want to consider a bra with compression features if you're going to practice inversions.

Walking & Hiking

In most cases, a low-impact or medium-impact sports bra will work well for lower-intensity exercises like hiking or walking.

Gym & Workouts

For workouts that involve slower, steady movements like strength training, medium or low-impact sports bras will work well. But if you're doing HIIT, intense cardio, or any sort of activity characterized by explosive movements like powerlifting or kickboxing, more support is necessary. Depending on your breast size, more intense gym workouts will likely require a medium-support or high-support sports bra.

White, pink, and black – no matter what color, we’ve got your back.

Now that you understand how to choose the right sports bra, it’s time for the fun part: shopping. Fabletics offers the best sports bras, from athleisure looks to stay comfortable and stylish to high-impact sports bras to get you to the finish line with flying colors. Whether it’s a traditional pink, white or black sports bra or a stylish print, we’ve got you covered.