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Leggings & Tights For Men

What's great about Fabletics mens tights & leggings? There is quite a lot to love. These are all-arounder garments that give you high performance, no matter the activity — workouts and work included.

Men's Tights Offer High Performance For Any Workout

The right pair of leggings or compression tights can do wonders for your workouts. And that includes almost every type of workout, though it's best to shop for different features depending on your favorite activities. Here are some examples:
  • Runners love stretchy tights that don't interfere with movement but do help wick away sweat. Something breathable and soft enough to prevent chafing.
  • When you're working with equipment of any kind — cycles in spin class, the smith machine, rowing machines, you name it — the tight fit that you get with leggings prevents snags, which keeps you safer. For cycling in particular, 3/4 length are the best to eliminate catching clothes on the bike's chains and sprockets.
  • Lifting weights? Shop for mens compression leggings to provide you with the support you need to push through those deep squats.
  • Yoga enthusiasts love leggings, too — and that's because the perfect pair is stretchy enough to let you move freely but without lose folds of fabric that might catch or bind as you work through poses.
  • Leggings are a go-to for workouts — but you can also wear them to work or really any time the temperature dips. For guys who work or play outside, men's tights create a base layer that helps conserve body heat while wicking away the sweat that leads to a deep freeze.

What Length of Leggings To Choose?

Where leggings for men are concerned, there are three general lengths: Full length, 3/4 length, and shorts. Here's how to choose:
  • Pick full length because you like the seamless look of leggings that extend to the tops of your shoes, or choose them when you want the extra warmth. It's hard to go wrong with this option.
  • When you're working with equipment that can catch pants near the ankles (like cycling, as mentioned above), 3/4 length comes down to about mid-calf, which gives you the best blend of support and safety.
  • Shorts keep you cool—and compression shorts will provide that essential tightness around your thighs and glutes to improve your workouts.

What about Features?

There's more to mens tights & leggings than the length. Some of them come with great features that can prove useful during workouts.
  • Look for anti-chafe features, and tights that are lightweight and breathable so that you'll enjoy ultimate comfort.
  • Reflective fabric helps keep you safe if you're running or biking at night.
  • Life revolves around smartphones nowadays, but not all leggings have pockets. Shop for those that do to keep your phone handy at all times.
Ready for workout clothes that work with you? Shop mens leggings and tights here at Fabletics to find a great fit, fabrics that wear comfortably and wick sweat, plus the features you need to accommodate workouts and activities of all kinds.