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Whitney Kirk | Aerial Yoga Instructor

Whitney Kirk is a true Renaissance gal. Hailing from Thousand Oaks, CA, she graduated from nearby UCLA with a double major in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics and English. She was also on the UCLA Dance Team. Her studies post-college led her to test out new waters in a more unconventional classroom. After learning the disappointing limits of western medicine, Whitney shifted gears to holistic healing, such as Bikram Yoga, massage and shiatsu. Her passion for medicine and healing still remains strong, but through a different medium.

Whitney also trained with aerial silks, hammocks and lyras, earning her certification as an Aerial Yoga Instructor. She currently leads Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings for AIR all over the West Coast. Whitney channels this passion into teaching a professional children’s troupe, “Le Petite Cirque” and spreading the yoga love at Coachella Music Festival.

When she’s not teaching Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga or Aerial, Whitney continues to stay active by bike riding with her fiancé, Lindsey. She looks forward to taking her active appreciation all over the world (Hawaii and Miami are two of her fave destinations)!

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: If I am taking hot yoga, I make sure I hydrate and restore my electrolytes before class, especially if I’ve already been in the hot room teaching. I also avoid eating a huge meal within two hours before class. Before an aerial workout, I have to make sure I have good leggings on to protect my legs from burns and I have to make sure I am getting enough iron and protein.

GUILTY PLEASURE: I love coffee, Mochi and tequila, any of which in excess will make hot yoga practice tough! I also love mid-day catnaps, which help with my burn-the-candle-on-both-ends schedule.

STYLE SENSIBILITY: Comfort! For hot yoga, I wear lightweight, quick-dry fabrics (usually shorts and a tank or bra). For Aerial, I wear full-length leggings and a cute top. For everyday clothes, jeans or leggings and a longer tank with flip-flops or converse.

IN MY PAST LIFE: A monkey! Also, somehow, I knew my fiancé across many lives: she is my soul mate.