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Torrey Penn  |  Personal Trainer | Nutrition Consultant

Although Torrey Penn was a top athlete in high school, it was not until college that he decided to make necessary changes to improve his physique. Today, he teaches a mixture of powerlifting, bodybuilding, and Cross Fit to clients ranging from ages 20-60, and is a nutrition consultant who specializes in permanent weight loss and competitive prep for athletes.

Torrey enjoys working out and pushing himself mentally and physically; he says that it’s made him stronger outside of the gym as well. To stay in shape, he focuses on resistance training but will also include High Intensity Interval Training into his routine when he’s prepping for a photo shoot. Outside of the fitness realm, he models for fitness and apparel brands, and provides insight on nutrition for a local TV channel every month. He enjoys spending time with his wife trying new restaurants, thrift store shopping, traveling, spending time with family, and taking their dogs on long hikes.

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: Half an hour before my workout, I consume a pre-workout mixture, then 15 minutes after, I do a dynamic warm-up and prepare for what I am training.


STYLE SENSIBILITY: For me, grooming is key! I mainly wear jeans and a button up shirt, but will slip on a suit when the occasion calls for it.

IN MY PAST LIFE: I was a Ninja.

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