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Sarah Shelton  |  Pilates Instructor | Cycle Instructor

Born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma, Sarah always had a mind for fitness from playing sports all throughout her childhood. She was a dancer and played soccer, field hockey and ran track. When she no longer played on a team, she dove deeper into long distance running and designed her own workouts at the gym. This is when she fell in love with fitness in a whole new way. She loved seeing how much control she had in the way her body looked and felt. The further in fitness she went, the more passionate she grew and quickly knew she had to share her passion with the world.

In 2010, she headed west on a big California Dream. Since moving from Oklahoma to Los Angeles, Sarah turned in her desk job to share her passion for fitness and wellness full-time. She currently brings on a bangin' Ride at Cycle House and teaches ab-ripping Pilates at FitMix. Not to mention, she is an avid runner and continues to train in distance running. Sarah's classes will test your endurance, challenge your mental strength, and keep you in tip top form while you're on a bike or on a reformer. She believes in strength that comes from ?living on the edge, being bold, feeling vulnerable and just going for it!

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: Almond butter, toast & some hip-hop.

GUILTY PLEASURE: But why feel guilty about what brings you pleasure? Ice cream, please! Ain't no shame.

STYLE SENSIBILITY: Simple, chic, and a little touch of swagger.