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Sarah Elkins | Kaia Instructor | Strength Coach | Cardio Instructor

Born and raised a Texas girl, Sarah Elkins now resides in California’s Tahoe region. She eats, sleeps and breathes physical fitness, having started playing sports at the age of 3! Sarah is Kaia FIT certified and is currently working on her personal training certification, with a focus on women’s fitness. She also finds time to play soccer, volleyball, and golf and has even joined a bowling league!

She upholds her healthy lifestyle by eating two hormonally balanced, vegan meals a day and consuming lots of water! She even makes a habit of squeezing in 25 jumping jacks every time she fills her water bottle—now that’s dedication!

When Sarah isn’t teaching Kaia or coaching strength and cardio classes, you can find her in a Bikram yoga session. Her world also revolves around her three dogs and her garden, where she grows her own fruits and veggies. She can never turn down a trip to Maui or Las Vegas!

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: I HAVE to brush my teeth, put on chapstick, and make sure my hair is in place. Raise your hand if your ponytail has ever smacked you in the eye or, god forbid, you’ve ever choked on it? Surely it’s not just me?!

GUILTY PLEASURE: I love binge watching shows on Netflix or reading a good chick lit book on rest days. Anything that involves tortilla chips will get me in trouble!

STYLE SENSIBILITY: When I’m not in workout clothes or hiking/gardening gear, I like to keep it classy, but with a little country-meets-rock n’roll flare.