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Michelle Keraus  |  Pure Barre Instructor | Dance Instructor | Choreographer

After having three children, Michelle Keraus joined Pure Barre on a whim to get her pre-baby body back. She saw changes almost instantly, and was hooked. Today, she’s a Pure Barre teacher, dance instructor, choreographer, and cheerleading coach. Michelle believes that when she’s at her best self, she has more to offer her family, job, and friends.

To stay fit, Michelle’s first choice is always Pure Barre, although she likes to mix it up with running, spinning, and power yoga classes. She steers clear of sugars and carbs, and is obsessed with fresh fruit and veggie smoothies. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her husband and children outside – especially at the beach and/or pool when the weather permits. She also loves to refurbish and recycle vintage furniture.

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: I don’t really have one. With three little ones, I’m usually sneaking out of the house to get a workout in.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Dark chocolate.

STYLE SENSIBILITY: I like to look good when I work out, so I always opt for something that’s both stylish and functional.

IN MY PAST LIFE: I was an Egyptian Scribe.