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Mary Catherine Holcomb  |  Certified Trainer  |  Sweat Garage

Growing up in Morgan City, Louisiana, there was a permanent home plate in the middle of the street in Mary Catherine Holcomb's neighborhood. It's no wonder then that she grew up to be an avid sports lover and certified fitness trainer. She participated in organized sports like softball and volleyball throughout her school years then naturally transitioned to a career as a personal and group trainer. Mary Catherine currently trains and teaches at Sweat Garage in West Hollywood, California, and even though fitness has become her full-time job, it still remains a full-time passion and she loves every minute of it.

While she loves teaching classes, Mary Catherine also likes taking her coworkers' classes, and she regularly lifts heavy weights, jumps rope, jogs and always maintains a healthy diet. She loves cheering for her favorite football teams (Louisiana State University and the New Orleans Saints) and even participates in a local softball league to keep her competitive edge. Mary Catherine also shares her love of sports through her work as an athletic publicist for Marymount High School and her blog Jewels & Jerseys, co-written by fellow Master Haleigh Munson. Mary Catherine believes that to live with passion is to do what makes you happy and "completes" you; she is proud to say that she is doing just that!

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: I wake up at 6 a.m. to hit the gym, so I typically roll out of bed quite possibly in my gym clothes, lace up my shoes, hair in a ponytail and out the door! That early in the morning, you can't think - you just have to do.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Ice cream! I have such a sweet tooth, so at least once a week, I'll treat myself to frozen yogurt or a bit of sweets.

STYLE SENSIBILITY: Comfort! I'm a boots over heels kind of gal, and if there were one outfit I had to live in the rest of my life, it would be my workout gear and hair in a ponytail. But I have to say, I have an obsession with bright colors!

IN MY PAST LIFE: I was Susan B. Anthony. She led the fight for women's rights and was one of the pioneers who campaigned against slavery. Having equal rights is such a major issue and something I am passionate about, so I can only hope I would have had the courage she had to stand up and fight for what was right.

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