Lindsay Lopez  |  FORM Pilates Union Square |  Dancer

Lindsay Lopez has worked as a Vegas Showgirl, rap video dancer, and commercial actress. After a friend recommended Pilates for chronic pain in her back, she gave it a try, and was instantly addicted. After a show on Broadway brought her from LA to NYC, she decided to open FORM Pilates Union Square, a Pilates Studio in the heart of Manhattan. Lindsay believes that figuring out what’s best for you is the key to your own happiness and says celebrating your own personal strengths and talents is not being selfish…it’s having a self!

Lindsay stays fit by getting in lots of Pilates sessions. She also practices yoga and does Soul Cycle at least twice a week. She loves to share her passion for entrepreneurship with other fitness and wellness professionals by helping them build their businesses and does so by coaching, writing, and speaking on the power of following your heart. Lindsay spends her free time cooking, studying French and Spanish, and obsessing over English Bulldogs.


GUILTY PLEASURE: Mexican food.

STYLE SENSIBILITY: Boho chic meets classic rock chic.

IN MY PAST LIFE: I was a gypsy.

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