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Kam Altar lives in sunny Southern California, close to the beach, the mountains and the desert—the perfect location for her to get outside and explore! After running cross-country and track in high school, Kam majored in Kinesiology in college, with an emphasis on fitness and health promotion. Fascinated by the science behind the way our bodies move, Kam stayed active by participating in college sports such as volleyball, fencing, badminton and rock climbing. Upon completing her graduate program, she knew she wanted to help other women step outside their comfort zone and try new things. That's when Kam began blogging about her own attempts at yoga, backpacking, hiking, Pilates and more, all the while encouraging her readers to do the same.

Kam loves workouts that get her blood pumping but are mentally stimulating as well. She'd rather hike than run on a treadmill. She loves bouldering to build strength and yoga for finding balance. When she's not being active, Kam can be found blogging or planning trips to U.S. National Parks. It's her personal goal to visit them all! Kam's philosophy is to just do what you're passionate about, because why waste time doing anything else? She loves that she gets to share her passion for the great outdoors through her blog, Campfire Chic, and she enjoys inspiring other women to try all of her favorite activities.

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: I really dislike traditional workouts, so my ritual is talking myself into getting on the treadmill! When I'm out exploring, my ritual is to do a quick vinayasa in the parking lot before hitting the trail. It helps me leave behind the traffic I battled to get to that place and warms my muscles up for whatever adventure awaits.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Pizza. I could eat it for every meal!

STYLE SENSIBILITY: I look for pieces that I can use while backpacking or rock climbing and also wear to the store after working out.

IN MY PAST LIFE: I was an oak tree enjoying living in the wilderness and soaking up the sun.

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