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Judy Thureson  |  Barre Instructor | Dancer | Soul Movement

Judy Thureson began dancing at a very young age. She received a scholarship to Joe Tremaine’s dance school after high school, where she was given the opportunity to travel the world as a professional dancer. When she turned 40, the effects of not being kind of her body became too much to handle, and she knew she had to make a major lifestyle change. On the eve of her 40th birthday, she launched a bootcamp class at the park, and in less than three years, she owned six Bootcamp Barre locations. Judy currently works at some of the best fitness clubs in Austin, TX, teaching Ballet Burn, Pure Dance, Body Sculpt and more. She is the creator of Soul Movement, a yoga and Pilates-fusion class that helps people tune into their most authentic selves. Aside from teaching, Judy’s a life coach with a specialty in re-invention who says it’s her job to empower women to live their lives to the fullest! After experiencing her own re-invention, she wants people to know that it’s never too late to live the life that’s designed for them.

In her free time, Judy loves to read, drink hot tea, hang out with her friends and family, and listen to live music. She homeschools all three of her children, and has been married to her husband for almost 18 years. She credits their happy marriage to retreats, seminars, personal development classes, mentorship, and serving the community. Judy is extremely passionate about writing, and is currently working on two books.

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: Prayer, meditation, green juice, and a great Spotify playlist.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Chocolate, ice cream, queso, chips, pizza, chocolate chip cookies, Nutella, and French fries…not all at once, of course!

STYLE SENSIBILITY: Funky, chic, and comfy-casual.

IN MY PAST LIFE: I was a ninja.

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