Jheni Solis  |  Dance-Fit Instructor | Yoga Instructor

Jheni Solis began dancing at the age of 4. At 14, she transitioned into dancing professionally, and the importance of good stamina, strength, and flexibility became very apparent. Soon, she realized that the “high” she felt after a good workout was just as important as the physical results. And, after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2002, it was her consistent workouts that helped lessen the fatigue and pain. Jheni believes that in order to be the best versions of ourselves, we must follow the path we’re supposed to be on.

To stay in shape, Jheni watches her sugar intake and avoids processed foods as much as possible. She also follows a mostly vegetarian diet, and stays away from fried foods and heavy sauces. She teaches Dance-Fit: Workout like a Dancer and yoga classes and works out along with her clients when she’s training them. She also does Aerial yoga workshops and recently opened Yoga UP, a Dallas-based yoga studio. Outside of the wellness sphere, Jheni homeschools her daughter and is working on a solo album with a producer in Houston. She sings with the praise and worship team at her church, and writes songs for special church events. She and her husband love dining out at their favorite ethnic restaurants.

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: Pranayama, and several rounds of Sun Salutations.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Dark chocolate.

STYLE SENSIBILITY: Fashion Nomad, dictated by my mood.

IN MY PAST LIFE: I was a Buddhist Monk (I actually just took an online quiz to answer this question)!