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Courtney Norman  |  CrossFit 70

Courtney Norman struggled with her weight for most of her life. She tried every fad diet under the sun, but once she had her daughter something clicked. She began her health journey at 240lbs and lost nearly 30lbs by running and counting calories. Although running gave her a feeling of accomplishment, Courtney eventually got bored and tried a CrossFit class. She instantly fell in love with how strong and challenged she felt during and after each workout and opened CrossFit 70, a gym she co-owns with her husband in Wentzville, MO. She believes that living at your personal best means finding what makes you feel alive and doing it often.

Outside of the wellness sphere, Courtney enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, especially when it’s doing what they love most: going on Disney vacations!

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: A protein shake and an apple.


STYLE SENSIBILITY: Function and fashion.

IN MY PAST LIFE: I was a unicorn.

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