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Cesar Cirpriano  |  Dance It Out Instructor | Crossfit Instructor | Personal Trainer

Cesar Cipriano got into fitness as a child, not even knowing it actually was fitness. He wanted to be like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, so he begged his mom to enroll him in martial arts, which he practiced up until high school. In high school, Cesar and his best friends started to dance for fun (to get the attention of girls), and next thing he knew, the group was heading to Manhattan to study dance. It was then that he began taking dance seriously, and that started his fascination with keeping the body at optimal condition. After that, Cesar was hooked on fitness, and began working as an assistant for a coach in Sports Aerobics, teaching dance, and personal training. Since then, he’s led boot camps, Crossfit, and Dance It Out Classes, and is also a Personal Trainer. To stay fit, Cesar enjoys resistance training, and also likes to find new, creative ways to train at home.

Outside of the wellness sphere, Cesar works as an assistant fight choreographer, actor and singer, and is pretty fancy with the bullwhip along with other weapons. He also sketches, paints, and enjoys opera every once in awhile. He believes that finding your passion is very important, and that when you do, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: I drink water, use the restroom, and prep some seriously amazing playlists.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Cooking competition shows.

STYLE SENSIBILITY: Anything comfortable.

IN MY PAST LIFE: I like to think I was a Great War hero, but I was probably a craftsman.