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Angela Leigh  |  Yoga, Cycling, Cardio Teacher  |  Equinox

Having grown up playing competitive soccer, Angela Leigh knew she was meant to move. But it wasn't until after she graduated from the University of Washington, on a career path toward a bright future outside the fitness realm, that she discovered her passion for teaching fitness classes. She became a general manager at Equinox Fitness Clubs and started taking all the classes she possibly could. She soon fell in love with yoga and decided to become certified to teach it. Three years later, Angela is doing exactly what she wanted to do: teaching yoga, cycling and high-intensity cardio classes at Equinox. She also enjoys creating new class content; she created Stacked for Equinox, which is now offered at locations across the nation.

Angela is also passionate about writing. She authors a lifestyle blog called PureLeighLiving, where she shares daily inspiration, honest experiences and interviews with fellow fitness professionals. Whenever she has time off, she is quick to hop on a plane and visit friends and family across the country, but Angela also enjoys a night in, gabbing with her girlfriends too! Angela believes that life is meant to be full of challenges, triumphs and unique experiences, but it's always better alongside a community of passionate people. Living life through a lens of love rather than fear is her idea of living with passion, and she feels blessed to have the space to inspire others to do just that.

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: Creating the perfect playlist, hydrating and fueling, with a good social media announcement of what's about to go down - a possible selfie if the mood is right!

GUILTY PLEASURE: Dark chocolate, the Coffee Bean's Ice Blended, snow cones and s'mores... there a limit?

STYLE SENSIBILITY: Casual and yoga chic. I love a hot pair of leggings with a cute blouse and sassy undergarments. I also love to get dolled up and surprise people that I can walk in heels!

IN MY PAST LIFE: I was an elite athlete.

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