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Alex Hayes  |  Pilates Instructor

Alex Hayes starting dancing at the age of 3, and continued on until college where she began to search for a new form of exercise. After discovering Pilates, she was hooked – it combined all of the elements she loved in a workout, and she slowly began working her way into the teaching world. Today, she teaches mat, reformer, and individual Pilates classes 6 times a week, and does some form of it herself every day. Hiking is her cardio, and she also enjoys strength training twice a week.

Outside of the wellness sphere, Alex loves to travel. She’s based in San Francisco and enjoys having the mountains and beach close by, frequenting both as much as possible. She believes that there’s nothing more rewarding than doing what you absolutely love.

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: A protein shake and a walk through downtown San Francisco - it’s a great way to mentally and physically prepare for my workout.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Netflix marathons.

STYLE SENSIBILITY: Athletic wear all the time!

IN MY PAST LIFE: I was a wolf…or at least some sort of animal.