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Jaime McFaden  |  Personal Trainer | Wheybyj

Jaime McFaden comes from a wonderfully crazy Greek family whose world is surrounded by the next celebration, meal and always topped with dessert – so a fitness lifestyle wasn’t really familiar to her. She played sports and danced, but was never in really good shape. Most of all was her father passed away too young from some chronic issues. She always admired people who were fit and healthy, so she decided to dedicate herself for one year to health and fitness. It changed her life.

Jaime now has her own fitness company “wheybyj”, works with her biggest fitspiration, Jillian Michaels, and has been featured in Shape magazine! It goes to show that anything you believe, you can achieve.

She loves her clients so much that she work outs with them. Sometimes, she’ll just do a bit with each client and then hit the gym after work. She loves to hike, dance, do calisthenics and is ALWAYS up to try any class. Next on her list is tumbling! In her free time, she loves to travel, spend quality time with family, cook, write, and rescue stray animals.

PRE WORKOUT RITUAL: I always eat something before I work out. If I am in a bind, I at least eat a quest bar or quick shake. Otherwise, I try to get a small meal in about 40 minutes prior so I have energy.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Ice cream, bourbon, home baked goods.

STYLE SENSIBILITY: I love to play dress up, but 99% of my life is in gym clothes, so I try to find the cutest ones out there. I love lots of color and anything that is a one piece.

IN MY PAST LIFE: A mermaid or a monkey