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Flexible VIP Membership Perks

Monthly Member Credits = Even More Savings

You earned them. Now redeem them online or in store. Whenever you want!

Skip as often as you’d like.

There's no limit on how many months you can skip. You’re in control.

The best shapewear, at the best price.

Shop leveled-up shapewear that’s always 20 –50% off. Yes, always.

Member Credits 101

On the 6th of each month, you'll be charged $59.95 for your exclusive membership benefits. These benefits include a promotional Member Credit which unlocks our best savings when redeemed. Member Credits can be redeemed for any 2-piece outfit or item up to $80, online or in-store.
Don't want to be charged for the month? Visit the site between the 1st and 5th of the month, click "Skip the Month", and you won't be charged.
Any unused promotional Member Credits expire after 12 months. (Don't worry, we'll remind you!)
Cancel anytime online or by calling our Customer Service Representative at (844) 449-4889. Open 24/7.

Free shipping on all orders over $49.95.

But wait, there’s more. Enjoy free returns and exchanges within 90 days.

1 membership. 2 amazing brands. All access.

Yitty VIP Membership comes with a Fabletics membership too. That means DOUBLE the collections and DOUBLE the perks.

Cancel easily online, anytime.

Cancel anytime online or by calling our Customer Service Representative at (844) 449-4889. Open 24/7.

Get Started

3 Easy Steps to Get Started!

Step 1:

Take our short quiz and get to know your YITTY style.

Step 2:

Start shopping! Find your favorites. Buy all the cute stuff.

Step 3:

It’s all about the perks! Get VIP pricing and special offers on both Yitty and Fabletics!

Why become a YITTY Member?

Fits with benefits, of course. See for yourself...

Oh, you’re not a member?

You can still shop at non-member prices!

Start Shopping

Premium Product. VIP Savings.

Straight to You

The only place to get YITTY, is through YITTY. That means no middleman and way more savings.

5-Star Styles

We’ve got more than 2 million members who love our looks. That means we produce a lot of product. The more we produce, the better the prices!

Way Less Waste

Thanks to our VIP program, we don’t overdo it. We can accurately predict our inventory needs, which helps us keep our costs lower.

It’s Flexible

As a VIP, you’ve always got the option to shop, skip or save your monthly credit. You’re in control.

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