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    Here at Fabletics, we understand the importance of community and how our community influences us in achieving our personal aspirations. That's why we created The Masters’ Program. Our Masters embody the Fabletics lifestyle and provide inspiration and guidance to our community of members nationwide. Elite professionals in their respective disciplines, including nutrition, fitness training, dance, wellness and yoga, they also bring passion to everything they do. Meet our Masters and let their stories inspire you to be your absolute best.

Adina Puteh

Adrianne Yurgosky

Allison English

Amber Lyftogt

Amber Rees

Amelia Travis

Amira Mourad

Amy Bishop

Angela Kukhahn

Angela Leigh

Angela Rubin

Angie Miller

Ashley Galvin

Astrid McGuire

Astrid Morgan

Aubrey Watts

Benjamin Allen

Briana De Falco

Brooke Taylor

Bryna Carracino

Chad Strickland

Chelsea Hill

Cortney Norman

Courtney Wexler

Dana Perri

Danielle Robinson

Desi Bartlett

Emily Aygun

Emily Cook Harris

Erica Nahmad

Erica Stenz

Erika Shannon

Erin O'Leary Stewart

Frances Largeman-Roth

Gabrielle Pavelko

Haleigh Munson

Haley Houck

Hanneke Antonelli

Heather Binns

Heather Dorak

Ilyse Baker

Jason Wimberly

Jeanne Heileman

Jennifer Cassetta

Jennifer Croke

Jennifer Demain

Jessica Sullivan

Jessica Vaughn

Jheni Solis

Joanna Paterson

Jocelyn Levy

Judy Thureson

Kam Altar

Kate O'Donnell

Katie Barnes

Katie Bielefeld

Katie Schrier

Keely Ahrold

Kristie LaTray

Kristina Serna

Laurie Streff

Lina Belkin

Lindsey Clayton

Lindsay Lopez

Lindsley Allen

Lisa Payne

Madeline Mosier

Madison Doubroff

Mary Catherine Holcomb

Masumi Goldman

Melissa Flynn

Melissa McAllister

Michael Myers

Michelle Keraus

Mike Donavanik

Mindy Berla

Nat Bardonnet

Natalie Yco

Nicole De Anda

Nicole Uribarri

Omari Bernard

Rachel Grosz

Rae Toledo

Rebecca Pace

Regina Santos

Robin Jones

Robin Martin

Sara Sutherland

Sarah Ann Corkum

Sarah Kesseli

Shelleen Kostabi

Stephanie Dietz

Stephanie Vitorino

Tanell Pretorius

Thea Nolan

Tracie Kivisto

Valerie Kirkland

Vickie Griffith

Victoria Arvizu

Yulady Saluti

Zoe Welch